Can ambient music improve your mental health?

Ambient music is a type of music made up of long, sustained sounds that are not too loud and not too soft. It has been shown to have many effects on people’s mental health. For example, it can help people with ADHD, anxiety, and depression.
The effects of ambient music are very similar to other types of music. The difference is the type of attention it requires from the listener. Ambient music does not need listeners to focus on a specific part or rhythm to enjoy it; instead, it requires them to listen passively and absorb the entirety of the song as a whole.

Ambient music has been shown in studies to reduce anxiety levels by decreasing heart rates and lowering cortisol levels in participants when they listened for 15 minutes each day for two.

Ambient music can also help in reducing anxiety and depression. For example, therapists have used it as an alternative treatment to medication or counseling because of its benefits.

You can find ambient music you like on Amazon Music, Spotify, Qobuz, Tidal, or other streaming services. Search for “Ambient Music,” “Meditation Music,” or “Relaxing Music.”

The best way to listen to ambient music is by not using over-head or in-ear headphones that distract the relaxation, instead of using HiFi speakers such as the VOIZ AiRadio, which will provide a pure and best sound quality for the maximum effect.

Also, the Time Cube will help to monitor the time silently. Set the Time Cube’s alarm to the silent mode and turn it to the 15 minutes.
The Time cube will guide you from the start to the end of the music therapy session.

VOIZ AiRadio and Time Cube will be the perfect partner for your Ambient music experience.

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