Don’t overwork and do more

Set work time limit.
There is an old adage Parkinson’s law but it applies to any work in the present time. Parkinson’s law states that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” This means that if you give yourself a deadline of one hour, the work will be completed in an hour.
We are all guilty of spending hours on end working on a project, only to realize that we have not finished anything. We have been trying to make it perfect, but it seems we will never get there. This is because we are trying to do too much at once, and our brains cannot focus.
The best way to avoid this is by setting limits on your time which will help you focus and manage your time better. Before starting working, set the time limit with Time Cube; it can be the best tool to help monitor your work time.

Stop pursuing perfection.
Perfectionism is not a quality that is always desired. It can be both good and bad for you. It is good when it helps you to be more attentive and careful in the work that you love to do. But it becomes harmful when it comes to the case of the work that you are obligated to do. It makes you unhappy or anxious.
We need to stop pursuing perfection, and instead, we should focus on the result. We should not overdo our work because it will still have the same effect as underdoing it- having no effect.

Increase “ROTI(Return of Time Invested)” and be happy.
The investment of time is one of the most valuable resources in our lives. It can be used to do several things, such as spending time with family and friends, reading a good book, or working on something we enjoy.
But what if you have invested your time in something that doesn’t give you any return? It is possible to increase the return on your time by the topics mentioned in the sections above:

  • Set time limit
  • Avoid perfectionism

    And also:
  • Avoid procrastination
  • Set clear goals
  • Focus on what you are best at

You may have heard “work smarter, not harder” before. But what does it really mean? It means that you should spend your time wisely and make time for what matters most to you.

Knowing you can only do so much in a day is important. That’s why it is essential to prioritize the most important things to you and make time for them. You should never feel guilty about spending some time on yourself or with loved ones.

Set time limit and make time for what matters.

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